Thursday, September 23, 2010

Long Time, No See!

Last Blooms, 10 x 10
This one was painted as a donation for the High Museum fundraiser in November

Well, somehow six weeks have slipped by since my last post!  Meanwhile, I just returned from Italy, where we have been for almost two weeks, painting with a wonderful group for 7 of those days; I will have much to post soon.  We experienced just a great trip, with fabulous sunny weather and shimmering Tuscan vistas.  That was my first painting trip to Europe -- with little hassle -- i.e. paints made it through security (albeit it in checked luggage); we all used Golden Open Acrylics, which worked out pretty well.  
It was nice to have water soluble paint in the fields, but we all missed the richness of oils.  I will be posting some of my field studies, as well as some great ones done by the other painters -  (we also cooked, and drank plenty of vino, laughing all the way : )  Bye for now!


  1. Nancy, This is wonderful. The same adjectives always come to mind when I view your works...sensitive, delicate, beautiful! Your muted colors add to this moody composition.

  2. I'm thrilled to see you posting again! I was going through withdrawals....
    'Last Blooms' is gorgeous!

  3. Always fun to see what you are up to! Hope Italy was jsut fabulous!!! You have a wait list started at the school If it grows into a class, I will let you know.