Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dark Backgrounds

All Things Considered, 30 x 24

Maybe because it is colder outside, or who knows why, I have been wanting to paint shapes against a dark background.  I have just spent about 2 years exploring light backgrounds, so maybe that is the reason -- it was time for a change.  The painting above is the 3rd attempt on this board ( linen mounted on 3/4" gatorboard );  there are, or were, 2 other paintings in various forms of completion underneath...  I guess that is one way to achieve a lively paint quality, though surely not the easiest!


  1. Nancy,
    I have missed catching up with you! Love your blog and love keeping up with you when I read it! Your trip to Italy sounded and looked heavenly! Glad you had a terrific time! I adore the painting I saw on the HH website, Roses in a Jar! I am going in Monday to see it in person! We have a new puppy, so I have been at home for the last 2 weeks, in puppy training! Hope to come into HH on Dec. 4th to see you! Hope all is great!
    My Best,
    Ann Stovall