Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Au Revoir, Poire!

Shine, 12 x 9

Well, the painting above was done about 2 years ago -- it has been in 3 different galleries and did not find a home, so when it came back recently from Denver, I took a look and went, "Oh, yeah!"

I could see that the pear totally didn't belong there -- too big, too bright, too too whatever!  So I thought that I'd delete the pear -- a simple study of white on white would surely be a better thing (if I could match the colors).  With a bit of tinkering, I actually was able to do that;  then I placed the painting in a nice frame, took it to Huff Harrington 2 days later, and it was purchased the same day!  The moral to my story is "simpler is (almost) always better."  The revised effort is pictured below... (background color looks way different, but I didn't change it - must be my new camera) ...

Gift of Love, 12 x 9


  1. Simpler is better here. Now your gift box simply glows without the distraction of a pear!
    Love the soft edges and fresh approach in all your paintings.

  2. Lovely! I like them both:) Love all your beautiful art work- your colors and brushstrokes are wonderful.