Monday, January 9, 2012

Reunion Provencal!

Hillside Memories, 20 x 20

Fun evening last night...some of the wonderful Provence travelers from last September joined me and Michael at our home for a petite reunion.  Everyone brought champagne, wine, hors d'oeuvres, various spices, dips, cheeses, and even some paintings!  We remembered our delightful 3 hour (oui!) lunches at some of the most charming restaurants in the countryside, as well as beautiful evenings at Les Murets, overlooking the Luberon.  

Luberon Vista, 20 x 20

New experiences and friends await as we anticipate this September's version of L'essence de Provence! Love it.


  1. Des paysages que je reconnais et que j'affectionne particulièrement...
    Des couleurs qui sont celles de cette région du sud de la France... Je peux dire déjà que j'entends les "tsi-tsi" des cigales...
    De merveilleuses toiles.
    Gros bisous

  2. These are both just beautiful. So inviting- makes you want to be there to see that gorgeous hillside in person. The intimate table setting against the stunningly painted background is a favorite! Loving the soft palette and the brushwork!!! Wow- love them both. Sounds like a fun petite evening:)

  3. What lovely paintings of what must have been a most special time. Nice pastel palette.

  4. The 'Provence ' is such a beautiful area, I am dreaming of moving to there in the future. Probably will just stay a dream though.... Your paintings are both beautiful , so 'provencales', but my preference goes to the second because of that blue cloth, really just draws your eyes there!!

  5. Thanks for the kind comments... I am so enjoying this online connection with fellow travelers on this path...N