Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Over the Airwaves - Good Vibes

Juicy Fruit, Shiny Bottle, 30 x 20

It's been very nice to be home this month:  I've had plenty of time to paint and to enjoy this amazing Atlanta spring and to just BE, rather than worrying about commitments.  I still have a few, but I've found the joy again; for me, that's what this painting journey is about.  YAY

Tomorrow, Thursday, March 29th, I am going to be interviewed on the radio, actually Blog Talk Radio, by fellow painters Leslie Saeta, from California, and Kathy Cousart, from Athens, GA, the hosts of "Artists Helping Artists." The show airs live at 12 noon eastern time, and can be accessed as follows:

Go to this link and listen to live streaming: link to go directly to the show is and this can be used anytime

I am going to try to talk slowly (my friends know what a challenge that is) and I will try to think before I speak (my husband Michael says that would be another challenge).  Anyway, it sounds like fun, and I am excited to be part of it all.  If you get a chance, tune in, and let me know what you think.


  1. Bonjour,
    Vos reflets sont extraordinaires... Que ce soit ceux dans la carafe que ceux sur le support... Un trio de fruits qui me plait beaucoup à "l'ombre de ce bouquet".
    Je vous souhaite plein de bonnes choses pour demain lors de votre interview...
    J'essaierai de me rendre via votre lien, cependant je ne suis pas certaine de tout comprendre, surtout si vous parler vite !!
    Je vous envoie de gros bisous

  2. Lovely painting! And I am looking forward to your interview!

  3. Looking forward to tomorrow! We will have fun, I promise!

  4. This painting is just gorgeous and has a fun feel to it. Love the color palette and all those fun reflections everywhere- in the bottle and on the surface! Love the soft shadows. Looking forward to interviewing you on the AHA radio show. Will be a blast- and I don't think you talk fast at all- just right:):)

  5. Nancy, great job on the interview. Thanks for your generous and genuine sharing!

  6. Only got to hear half of the was fun and am going to listen again now to hear the rest. You mentioned using the limited palette for your workshops but can you share your normal palette when painting? I, too, like to use the limited but greens are so tricky for me, I would appreciate any advice you might have. Would love to sign up for a workshop, just absolutely love your work. Your enthusiasm is a wonderful inspiration. Happy painting!

  7. Loved the much good information!

  8. Beautiful paintings...haven't tuned in yet to the show but I am looking forward to it!

  9. Charming interview, fun and educational. Thanks!

  10. I love your paintings Nancy, they are just beautiful...oh how I wish I could paint half as good! Loved listening to the show.

  11. Hello Nancy! I discovered your art through Huff Harrington as I was part of the AWA show there last year! I am a fan of yours and I live in So. Cal near Leslie Saeta. I am going to attend a program that she is doing in this area soon. I only found this mention of your interview with Leslie this am and I am sorry that I missed it. I will listen to it on the archive.
    Nice 'meeting' you, maybe for real and in person one of these days!
    Most sincerely,

  12. Hi Chris,

    Nice to meet you too -- sorry we didn't see each other in person when you were in Atlanta!