Monday, April 23, 2012


"Patterns," Detail

Well, I've been gone to Alaska again; this time we enjoyed surprisingly good weather, and great fun with our kids.  Now I'm back home and back to painting -- which is making me happy too!

Above is a detail from a painting I finished before we left; it is called "Patterns" because what I liked about the subject was the light and shadow patterns, on the hair, dress, and the sand.   In process is a big piece ( 44 x 44 ) for my favorite gallery, Huff Harrington, who really sell my paintings and who are THE nicest people.  The joys of a good gallery deserve an entire blog post.  I can not overstate the importance of working with those who are enthusiastic about one's work, and who nudge, ever so politely, the painter to see in a new way (say, like painting in a large format ).  Am teaching a one-day workshop at HH this Sunday - a spring "tune up," which will help me tune up too!

"Patterns," 30 x 24


  1. I absolutely love this...the soft colors and touching composition. It is breathtaking.

  2. Lovely-Lovely painting and I love the size.

  3. This painting brings the viewer right into it walking down the beach behind the subjects. Beautiful, Nancy!

  4. So sweet, I totally concur with the previous comments left here. :)

  5. Love this! The strength of the design and composition just makes me smile! Really love the light on it and how beautifully you painted those patterns! Oh can't wait to see the 44 x 44! I am smiling at that too!! Totally agree that Huff Harrington is amazing and y'all have such a wonderful partnership working together!

  6. This painting is the best. Love everything about it. Wish I was coming to your workshop. How can I find out about future ones?

    1. HI Carol,

      I post the workshops on my website! The one-day Huff Harrington ones have been full before I can announce, but I am doing more 2 -day ones in 2013. Also, call Atlanta Artists Center and get on the waiting list if you can come in November 2012 (see my website), because there are only 1 or 2 on list, and spaces always clear closer to the time! Thanks for you kind comments...

  7. The painting reminds me of Dan McCaw, especially the detail. The mom's hand and arm become the child's, making such a beautiful shape.
    Like Ruth, I love the size. Bravo!