Monday, July 30, 2012

Summer's Fun

Starry Night, 30 x 20

Well, it was time for another  commission, and yes, I said yes, BUT... I did this painting as a wedding gift for a friend to give to her close friend's son and his wife.   Since I did one last year for a gift from this same friend for the sister of the groom, I could hardly say no : )  Below is the painting from last year:

Wedding Day, 30 x 20

I did not want the new commission to be a portrait, so I tried to keep it free but fairly true to the subject.
I think I mostly did that, and I didn't have to do two paintings this year (as I did last year) to end up with one, so that is a bit of progress, je pense ... photo reference below :

Meanwhile, kids have been back to see us in Atlanta from Alaska, and look at these cool paintings done by my little grandchildren last week:

 Eli, age 3

Sarah, age 6

Needless to say, I gave them only three colors, my limited, limited palette - see photo below:

Eli's mixtures

Creative Spirit

Going for it!

I taught a really fun one day workshop on Painting Children last Sunday at Huff Harrington, and will post on that next time!


  1. The wedding painting is so nicely done. You really captured the couple blissful day. Love the wee ones and their paintings too.

  2. Wonderful rendition of the joyous occasion! I also love your grandchildren's paintings...such talent in ones so young. Nice that they are being encouraged from a young age!

  3. This made me smile:) Your Wedding Painting is a favorite of mine and Starry Night is so special too! Beautiful rendering of the couple and such pretty brushwork!! They are a lucky family to have such beautiful treasures from You! Love seeing Sarah and Eli painting away! They are lucky also!! Just think of all the wonderful creative free vibes and karma floating around your studio! Fun!!

  4. This is a neat series of images - from the happy couple, dress (my personal fav) ending with the kids masterpieces.
    Thanks for taking the time to do it all because it made the start to my day, brighter.

  5. The wedding dress is MY personal fave as well! Thanks for these nice comments to brighten my day too...

  6. So wonderful Nancy and I loved the wedding dress you did. I was wondering if you have a spring or summer workshop planned for Tennessee? I would so love to take one of your workshops but don't want to travel in the winter.

  7. Nancy - I love this wedding painting! I have been doing a lot of "live event" paintings at wedding receptions lately. Scary stuff! I wish I could achieve something like this! It's just beautiful!