Thursday, January 3, 2013

Personality Profile??

Party Dress, 16 x 8

Well, since returning from seeing kids over the holidays in Alaska, I have been doing a few small works for the Huff Harrington "Grand Affair" fete in late January -- they have an annual show of paintings $1,000 (a grand) or less!  Nice idea, and freeing for the painter.  It's a chance to try new things, small format, and let it fly... and in doing so, I have noticed, over and over, that I tend to paint in a vertical or a square format.  

What does that say about me, the painter?  That I'm short, and therefore like vertical, i.e. tall sizes? That I am somewhat scattered (!) and like to be formed into a square??   Who knows the truth of it, but there is no doubt that I lean, lean, LEAN to the upright and boxy shapes.  I have noted, however, than when I DO break out of my mold, my paintings seem to quickly sell, as the one below:

Soft Touch, 30 x 40

Perhaps there is a lesson there for me in the new year :-)  
Happy New Year and happy breaking out!!


  1. Love your work and these two are typical of the reason why.

  2. Nancy, you have peaked my interest on the painting size format. I too like the sizes you have mentioned. The "Soft Touch" painting is lovely and I can see why it sold but that is what I could say about all of your paintings that I have seen. Interesting to read your thoughts.

  3. your work is beautiful not matter the vertical or horizontal leanings! Love the soft colors and beautifully loose brush strokes.

  4. Agree with above comments. It is your incredible style and palette that sell your work. Love the light in the little girl painting. Both pieces are BEEAAUUTTIFUL!

  5. All of your work is stunning and beautiful! Interesting to think about formats and what draws us. I do love square also- just something fresh about that format and a bit quirky perhaps? Grand Affair sounds wonderful and like the perfect fete for my favorite petite friend! Bravo!