Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams, 12 x 9

Exciting times for me lately - I've been painting a LOT from life, some going easily, some taking (way) more time and thought.  I always prefer the ones I can catch "alla prima," or in one session, but not all of them cooperate!  Still, my intent remains to let it flow with ease.

Painting large work from life for an upcoming show has been honing my eye, so when I painted "Sweet Dreams" from a photo of Sarah today, things went well.  Yay!  Practice and experimentation are continuing; I am open to anything or any tools at this point.  (There are some nifty new paint pushing wedges, and spatula-like tools in the Catalyst line by Princeton Brush Company.  I've been waving them around at my workshops, though not actually using them that much in the studio yet).  

The fun continues; I have my first-ever Nashville workshop Thursday and Friday, and am tres excited to be heading for Paris in a week on a fun jaunt with Michael.  Yes, I am taking a tiny easel - the Art Box and Panel mini set-up from Jim Coulter (www.artboxandpanel.com).

Below are two quick demos from my workshop at Atlanta Artists Center on February 8th and 9th; I like the pears lined up on the 8 x 16 format...that is a cool shape for verticals, too.

Pears, 8 x 16

Lenten Roses, 12 x 10


  1. Sweet Dreams is really lovely and I love your demos especially Lenten Roses

  2. Une très agréable publication... j'aime beaucoup ce portrait rempli de douceur... Vos roses de carême sont d'une grande délicatesse.
    Gros bisous à vous.

  3. Sweet Dreams is just beautiful. Love the moment you captured and the brushwork is confident and stunning! So fun to play and learn what the paint can do and where it can take us! Nashville will love you- have fun! And Paris, with Michael- best wishes for a wonderful journey friend!

  4. I love your brushwork and your color choices.
    I've been studying your work and appreciate how you talk about the stages of your paintings.

  5. Your work has a very calming and soothing aura, the soft colors and compositions are so lovely!