Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Recent Happenings

Study of Sarah, 12 x 10

Last weekend, I taught a really fun workshop at Atlanta Artists Center on Capturing the Essence...painting studies of children, or really, the figure - from photographs.  My usual workshop format is alla prima - doing studies from life set-ups, but I love this one too.   Fifteen participants were game and we had lots of fun, great lunches at the restaurant next door, and maybe a sip of wine as well.  Below are some shots of the proceedings!


Photo Source for Quick Demo on Saturday

Linear Placement Sketch of figure

Color Sketch of subject, placement of value shapes

Below are some of the quick studies done by the class, who used a limited palette and big brushes...

I think they are really good - wish I had taken some close-ups!

I also wanted to post a few photos I took at the Portrait Society of America Convention, which was held here in Atlanta a few weeks ago.  Went on Friday only, but I did get to attend a Michele Dunaway /David Kassan demo.  Also, in the morning, I was lucky to see the fabulous watercolor painter, Mary Whyte and accomplished portraitist, Michael Shane Neal do demos too!  

There was great energy all around -- AND I  met Rosemary of the Rosemary Brush Company.  (She and I created a "Nancy Franke Brush Kit" which is available at www.rosemaryandcompany.com, and which has lots of the synthetic flats and brights that I prefer).  

Nancy's Brush Kit, 
left to right # 10 bright, series 274, # 6 Ivory Filbert, # 8 Ivory Short Flat, # 10 Ivory Filbert, # 10 Ivory Short Flat, # 10 Ivory Long Flat, # 12 Ivory Long Flat

Next are some photos I randomly took of various paintings on display, both from the demos and from the paintings selected as finalists in the International Portrait Competition.

Here is one demo from Thursday Night's "Face Off," where 15 artists painted different models for two hours, setting the tone for the weekend of painting to follow!

Joseph Todorovich demo (of model Annie Jefferson) from the"Face Off"

Jeffery Hein demo from Face Off; 
this one won the People's Choice Award

Quang Ho demo from  Face Off

Michele Dunaway Demo (on right) from Friday breakout session

Close up of Michele Dunaway's piece.. wonderful value shapes and sensitivity to the pose.

Some portraits I liked from the Finalists in the International Competition, which were on exhibit:

Chang Lian

Kate Stone

Seth Havercamp


  1. Wonderful inspiring post Nancy! Love capturing "the essence"! Such a wonderful way to paint a painting! Love all the portrait posts- all just strong and true shapes in light and shadow. Fascinating. Lastly- love Rosemary Brushes- they are awesome! Keep it going Petite Friend- Study of Sarah is adorable!

  2. Thanks, Kathy -- you are on it, and I hope to see you soon... N

  3. Hi!
    Your work is dignifiend and beautiful.
    It is an honor to see your work.
    I will visit you frequently. I want to understand you even if you do not have a little sentence to write a translator sent by kim kwangtae

  4. Hi Nancy! My name is Sandy and I have decided that I must attempt a “portrait” of my grandson!!! I am not a trained artist, but I long to learn. I love your work and appreciated the photos from your workshop.
    Would you give me 1 or 2 tips to start? I thank you and look forward to your work!