Sunday, December 29, 2013


"I begin with an idea and then it becomes something else," 
Pablo Picasso

 Soft Morning (detail), 12 x 12,
which is a re-do of

this one

  Another switcheroo...

Party of Three, 16 x 12, 
which is a crop and re-touch of 

this one

Yet more changes ....

During December, I have moved my home studio from the main level to the lower level - and wow, I should have done this years ago!  Light is streaming in - so much that I need to "manage" it, and I can easily do several paintings at once.  There's even room for small "intensives," i.e. little workshops -- chez moi.  

 Shiny New Space

Empty former studio, which was about 11 x 10; I truly
do not know how all of my stuff was in there, but it was --
for about 12 years!


The painting over fireplace is yet another re-do: it used to be 48 x 48; 
now it's cropped, re-stretched, with background adjusted.

Far off is a gift box on the set-up table - at least I can't see too many details :-) 
Also I could move my easel.

Meanwhile, a new year approaches, life changes, and I'm hoping to be flexible and to welcome things not yet known.  Painting offers a unique opportunity to rip it up and fly -- after all, it's just paint!

A tentative drawing...

can become a more confident painting

Fresh roses, bathed in light

 often become lovely when dry and drooping a bit ...

"Lord, grant that I may always desire more than I can accomplish," Michelangelo


  1. so, I would like to come to a small intensive!

  2. Love your paintings and your space is amazing!

  3. On this gloomy monday morning what a treat to see your post. The paintings are lovely...I love the brush strokes. The new studio is fabulous...change is always good and this one magnificent. The drawing of the child transformed into a painting is brilliant! Thanks so much for sharing.

  4. Listened to you co-hosting on Artists helping Artists via podcast. After visiting your blog, well, you have a new subscriber. Love your paintings and the studio.

  5. So fun to see your shiny new space just waiting for you to let that paint fly in it! It's gorgeous and will be inspiring with all that wonderful light pouring in! Love seeing your changes and cropping of paintings- always fun to see how much a painting can hold and what can be done although all your paintings are just so beautiful to me! Would love to come for a one day intensive- miss you!! Happy New Year petite friend:)

  6. Thanks for sharing all the pics of your new studio and beautiful works. Your work makes my heart happy. I hope this year is a great one for you. I am signed up for a workshop with you in Nashville next October. Whoo Hoo!

  7. Happy New Year to you nice painters who have taken the time to comment here. I am honored to know you and sooo happy to be getting a fresh start...thanks for the affirmations, and for inspiring me in this painting life! Let's let it flow in 2014....

  8. Love your colour palette and brushwork and your studio is a wonderful space full of light, just perfect!

  9. Such a nice post!
    YOUR studio is awesome!
    All the best in 2014 ( :

  10. Love your new studio, I'm jealous. You are right about the light , we want the light but too much is a problem too. Gorgeous paintings as always.