Tuesday, March 25, 2014


"What we think determines what happens to us, so if we want to change our lives, 
we need to stretch our minds," Wayne Dyer

My Serenade, 16 x 12

Something About It, 12 x 16

Oh Winter -- Go Away!  Now, here in Atlanta, spring should be all around; instead, it's windy and quite cold, at a usual time of warmth and sweet shiny sun.  
The sun, however, IS shining in my studio, no matter the weather, as I am painting more --
I have three times my old space; three easels are set up.  
Stretching my limbs literally in the morning can lead to a stretch of my painting self ... well, why not?  
The above oil sketches were done with an eggbert brush (new tool for me); the top one was done from a model photo and the bottom from a life set up of David Austin roses.  This long-handled and lean eggbert brush helps me to doodle with paint in a fine and random fashion; now that is some FUN!
Of course, my most-loved, go-to brush is a Rosemary Ivory flat, but adding the delightfully loose eggbert to the mix is a stretch...just what the doctor ordered!

"I'm going to Australia, but first I've got to put my swimsuit on and stretch," Jarod Kintz


  1. Bonjour,

    Je suis très admirative devant vos deux dernières oeuvres. J'aime particulièrement la toute première que je trouve remplie de sensibilité et à la fois sensuelle.
    Gros bisous

    1. Martine -- Bonjour! merci pour vos sentiments, mon amie!

  2. So gorgeous and inspiring, Nancy....

  3. Wonderful quote and great one to start each day with! Love "My Serenade"...just a beautiful moment captured with lovely brushwork. Adore your flowers and "Something About It" is a new favorite...fresh and fun! Love Rosemary Brushes...I am now a US Rep for them- really believe in their product and their egberts are so fun to paint with! Stretching is good for us all! Thanks for an inspiring post Nancy!

    1. Ooh love that you are having those brushes, all convenient to order...woohoo

  4. Such a breath of fresh air visiting your blog. Your work is so fresh and pure. Always beautiful things to see and read!

  5. Love your paintings...you have such a beautifully loose style. I am intrigued with the eggbert and will have to try one now! Thanks for sharing your art and your thoughts.

  6. Thank you Carol and Maria -- I love your positive comments... what fun we share!