Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Comings and Goings

September was a wonderful month, with of course, the magical painting trip to Provence, at the lovely French country home of Ann Huff, called Les Murets. 

So many thanks to all at Huff Harrington who coordinated our over the top experience!  
Seven painters accompanied me this year; we spent a week creating, talking, shopping, having un peu de rose, all of it... just a terrific group!

Below are a few snippets of the comings and goings....

Well, this is the perfect phrase, non?  
(Photo taken in the village of Cassis, on the Mediterranean)

Quick Study of Gordes, 9 x 12

Toutes les Femmes, with Gordes in view

Below are samples of the lovely studies done by this year's
Provencal Painters......

Isle sur la Sorgue, by Carol Cotten Smith

Confit Pot and Roses, by Julie Harris

Cassis Harbor, by Dianne Williams

Cliffside Beach, Cassis, by Dianne Harrison

Les Figues, by Helen Farson

Fenetre de Provence, by Laine Francis

Snippet of her watercolor Travel Sketchbook, along 
with her oil sketch
of Confit Pot and Roses, 
by Faye Phillips

Au Revoir, Provence !

Then upon my return, I had the great pleasure of traveling to Jeanie Smith's Studio in Nashville, TN, to teach a 2-day Painting Studies of Children Workshop..... Another great and very talented group, who taught me a lot!!  (check out to see her delightful paintings and posts from this workshop)

Below are a few studies that I did before or right after the workshop... I'm at Atlanta Artists Center this weekend with the same format, and am so looking forward to that one too.

Soccer Girl! 16 x 10

Fancy Dress, 16 x 8

 And finally, a couple of small Parisian studies done after my return from France, inspired once more!

Busy Corner, Paris, 12 x 12

Shimmering Skies, Paris, 12 x 12

Truly, La Vie Est Belle...


  1. Bonjour,
    Je viens de parcourir un très joli billet accompagné de magnifiques peintures. J'espère que ces doux moments passés en Provence resteront de merveilleux souvenirs...
    Je connais particulièrement et j'affectionne les lieux que vous citez...

    Gros bisous ❀ ☼ ❀

    1. Merci, cher is so nice to hear from you once again! Gros bisous....

  2. je ne sais quoi! je ne sais quoi!

  3. Love all the pictures from you trip to Provence. The tote bag is a hoot. I am so glad I got to see fabulous sketch book in person. What a wonderful memento.
    The pieces you have done from trip photos are full of energy and light. "fancy dress" is over the top. The turn of the foot!!!
    Have fun this weekend!!

  4. Nancy,
    Your trip to Provence was truly Magical and a trip of a lifetime!!!! Thanks for sharing all these memories and especially for sharing your talent, fun, friendship and energy!!!!! Woohoo!!!!

  5. Madam N, sounds and looks like the magic happened.... Lots of memories swirling in my wee head....thanks for so many! XO Martha E