Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Gesture and Feeling

"Drawing is like making an expressive gesture with the advantage of permanence,"

Henri Matisse

She Shimmers, 16 x 12 
(from a photo of a workshop 
student's granddaughter, which she kindly shared)

While preparing to teach a workshop later this week on painting children/the figure from photographs, I have been printing my handouts, and actually reading my own words on the importance of drawing practice to hone the eye.  It is essential to catch the correct angles, relationships, all of it -- in order to express the gesture and feeling of the subject. When those key elements are off, the painting does not resonate!

Pictured below are a few studies of late, where the truth of the pose is expressed to varying degrees; it is evident that I need to practice what I preach with more regularity!!  Also, I've included several very nice studies done by participants in my September figure workshop in Macon, all of which are quick timed exercises, resulting in very strong and true expressions of gesture and feeling.

My Moment, 12 x 9

Butterflies, 24 x 20

Soccer Girl, 16 x 8
Macon workshop demo 
( I have many photos of this
little girl, and I LOVE her vibe)

Fast Walker, 14 x 11
20 minute Macon workshop demo, 
done with chip brush from hardware store,
(one of our "warm up" tools)!

Here are a few studies done in Macon last month.  AND, I missed getting photos of many other terrific ones
 (all done in 90 minutes or less)....

Carol Costello

 Maureen Persons

Debbie Schuchmann

Debbie Schuchmann

Incidentally, today I learned that there are 2 - 3 spots in my workshop at Atlanta Artists Center this coming Friday and Saturday on painting children/the figure from photos...so 
call Zindi at AAC (404) 237-2324, if you would like to join us!  


  1. Thanks for the reminders. That's what I love about your paintings, the wonderful gestures and feelings.

  2. Oh how I wish I could fill one spot in the class this weekend. Hoping you will
    Post more pics soon. (Having trouble posting!)

  3. I like your pictures ...i love the colors...complimenti belle queste immagini ..
    .Greetings aus Switzerland,,,.

  4. Beautiful paintings and always a fan of how you capture the sweetest "gesture" in your children's paintings. That is a gift. Always curious in the learning process and growing as artists...we are so lucky. Wish I could hop into that workshop- you are a wonderful teacher....hope to see you soon! Hugs!