Thursday, May 27, 2010

Fish Plate

Branching Out, 24 x 24

Well, when I was at the beach last month with my good friend, I found a little antique fish plate/shallow bowl, and I had been wanting one ever since I would see this type of piece in Laura Robb's wonderful work.  So, I bought it and am now in love with working it into various paintings.  And, I see that 2 pears have been making the cut lately as well....I had to really warm up the fish plate in the painting below since the linen background color is so gray.

First Hydrangeas, 16 x 16, Oil on unbleached linen (which I like using as the background)

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  1. Hi Nancy, I love the delicacy of these paintings. You have a wonderful 'touch'. Next time I come see you, you're going to have to show not to paint like a "Bull in a China Shop"