Monday, May 24, 2010

Pose of the Rose

Rose Poetry, 12 x 12

Well, I have been away and busy catching up, and am just getting to posting the rose painting that I mentioned last time.  I didn't totally capture what I saw as the grace of the drooping rose, but I finished it last week, and decided it was fine.  It is hard for me to go back into a painting and find the colors and even the motivation that I had when starting, yet I often am trying to do just that, to varying results!   I have a gorgeous frame from Barbara Carter Frames (, which I am using on this piece, and it helps matters quite a bit.


  1. This is very lovely! Great blue on the right of the vase, and wonderful scumbling of light over dark, especially on that back center rose. And I love the loose, light green leaf strokes in the upper right. Just an all around beautiful painting!

  2. Beautiful paintings and soft colors. Enjoyed touring your blog!