Wednesday, February 2, 2011

It's Trinity Time!

Bamboo Bowl (acrylic on wood), Donation for Trinity School Spotlight on Art, 2011

Well, it's easy to tell that I did this bowl for The Trinity School in Atlanta right after we returned from Italy in late September, 2010, while still entranced by the vistas from Villa di Piazzano, outside Cortona.  Recently, I was honored to hear from Amanda Szwast, a Trinity mother and volunteer for the annual art extravaganza:  she informed me that my bowl was chosen to be the one featured at the live auction later this week. The bamboo bowls are 30 inches in diameter, and about thirty Atlanta artists contributed their creations for an online auction (  Anyway, below is a poor photo of the scene in question at the villa, and then below that, an image of the plein air study I did at the spot back in September!

One has to look hard to see the Italian villa in the distance, but I promise, it was there, though I surely exaggerated it for a focal point!

Tuscan Morning, 12 x 12 



  1. Just beautiful! And I can see why it was chosen-the colors are wonderful and it works so well in that format. Congrats!

  2. Beautiful! And well deserved honor to be chosen:)
    I am so excited as I just got in to the March workshop in Atlanta. So special to get to do that workshop with you:) Look forward to it.

  3. Yay, Kathy, can't wait to meet you..thanks for all your nice comments!


  4. Hi Nancy,

    Do you still have your itinerary from your trip to Cortona? I'm planning a trip there next year and would love to see what you did in your spare time. I remember seeing it on Huff-Harrington's website, but didn't make a copy at the time.


    Donna Bradner

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