Wednesday, February 9, 2011

White Roses, and Painting with Friends...

Winter Roses, 16 x 12

I had a great day yesterday, having lunch with several painting friends, 4 of whom went with me to Italy last fall...we were viewing the members' art show at Cherokee Club, and just enjoying our time.  Last Tuesday, our group painted together -- and Cathy Groome contributed some white roses that her husband kindly purchased for take above, and the set-up below (thanks to Mary Beard for the photo):

Sometimes, I like the sketchy quality of the initial painting and do little to finish, as is evident above!  There wasn't much local color here, so for me, it was a challenge to get some warmth on the canvas...
I have posted below some of the paintings the others were doing of this VERY simple's fun to see the different interpretations. 

This one is Cathy Groome's -- I love the way it fills the canvas!

Here is Treacy Shaw's -- very soft and shimmery!

Nancy Armstrong's take (her 3rd painting of the day), not finished, but very bold and graphic!

And here is Wendy Jackson's painting...she was happily ignoring the roses and working on a close-up (in wonderful colors) of a peony she picked from her own garden last summer (that's Cathy G. in the background)!  

Also, yesterday I posted two one-day "tune-up" workshops here in Atlanta on my website ( and on the Huff Harrington blog ( The first is April 10th, and the second is June 11th.  


  1. So beautiful! I love white roses. I love seeing the set up and everyone else's interpretation of it. Thanks for sharing! It looks like a fun day with your friends!

  2. Beautiful painting of the white roses. I just love your compositions. The colors are soft and beautiful and just flow. Look forward to meeting you and learning at the Atlanta Workshop in March. Painting with friends is so fun:)

  3. Wow... thanks for sharing all the work from all these wonderful artists.

  4. fabulous painting of white roses. Great brushwork and beautiful harmony.

  5. Lovely! Such subtle shades, yet so rich.