Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Focus, 14 x 11

Well, I've been going through the summer swoon, painting a lot, and wiping a lot!  I should just stick to swimming and forget about it for awhile, which I plan on doing soon...

Meanwhile, the painting above was done for a friend, from a photo of her daughter when she was little.    There's a sketchy quality that I like about this piece, and I'm happy for something I like at this point.  I reminded myself today that my goal is to merely suggest things with paint - and for some reason, I often forget that elusive truth!!  (oh yes, simplicity)...


  1. Know exactly what you mean Nancy - especially with commissions I tend to overwork.
    Lovely little portrait!

  2. This painting is exquisite- loved seeing it in person-you captured the moment so well. It is beautifully done and has wonderful brushwork.
    I hate to hear you are in a summer swoon- My favorite things about your paintings is you "get that attitude" of the subject with simple yet confident brushwork. It seems every Nancy Franke has an elegance that shines through- love that about your work. Take care!

  3. A lovely painting, but,I love all of your paintings, I have been visiting your blog for awhile now, and decided i had better write and let you know how much i really enjoy your paintings! Wish Seattle wasn't so far away......a workshop with you would be great!

  4. You are absolutely correct, Nancy. I need to remind myself of that often, and I don't think I'm there yet! This has a light delicacy about it that is perfect for the subject matter! Your friend is lucky!