Tuesday, February 14, 2012

That Would be 32!

More Radishes, 6 x 6, painted February 12th  -- part of the group!

I kept counting and re-counting, but here are the 32 small paintings -- all 6 x 6 -- for the patrons of the Huntsville Museum Gala in March of this year

Yes, I was going to have absolutely NO problem doing the small patron gifts for the gala event in Huntsville, AL the first weekend in March. I was just going to breeze through these warm-up paintings last November and December and easily have the number requested by the co-chairs (two charming gals from Huntsville who donate tons of time and inspiration to the museum gala, at which I am this year's featured artist).  Need I say that last Tuesday I had far short of the required number?? Having sold or given away some of the intended pieces, I still at NO time had anywhere close to 32. So for the last week, I have been steadily at the easel.  Again, I am reminded of and truly appreciate the steady output of the daily painters, who create 300 + each year with skill and aplomb!

Meanwhile, the boxes were sent off today, with 32 little artworks between glassine paper and bubble wrap, all done and gone and --yippee-- we leave to visit dear friends in Florida tomorrow!


  1. Great job! From what I could see of the group photo, they all look like winners!

  2. Love seeing the whole group together...wonderful accomplishment! I love this one...the soft reds and lost edges are fabulous...

  3. Oh my gosh! Love them all! Wow Petite painter friend you have been at it:) And 32!! It must feel amazing to see that body of work all together with your style just shining through in them all. They are such gorgeous colors and amazing brushwork. I love that you changed it up and that there are so many completely different ones from landscapes to still lifes to a childs sketch. The patrons will all be comparing their gifts and having a blast. And then they can turn their focus to all the large pieces you painted as the featured artist! That will be an amazing gala event and you are just a super stahhh-proud of you!!

  4. Someone (32 someones!) is going to be very lucky to receive your beautiful painting! As always, I am in awe of your beautiful work!

  5. These all look wonderful, Nancy! I am looking forward to seeing you again in Chattanooga. It is going to be great fun!