Monday, February 6, 2012


Radishes, on my counter, leaves already wilting

Well, I just love radishes:  the crispiness, the taste with salt (though I haven't tried them with butter too, which is a popular way to serve them), the contrast of the red and green, the firm round shapes with the messy leaves.   Guess I am in a bit of a radish phase.

Radishes, in the market at Coustellet (love the white tips on these French ones)

Radish Rhythm, 16 x 20, first painting I did of radishes, 2008

Radishes and White Roses, Oil Sketch, 16 x 12, done in 2010 

Set Up of Radishes with Hydrangeas in a Tin Can (2011)

My block-in of same, having changed tin can to glass jar; meanwhile, entire painting was soon 
wiped off and forgotten!

 Radishes at Rest, 6 x 6, done in 2011, now it lives in Paris : )

Radish Study, 2011, very few leaves, really free and sketchy

I think as far as painting them goes, I have a way to go -- But I am still enjoying them almost every day in salads or alone with some fleur de sel purchased in St. Remy last September!


  1. I never have learned to enjoy eating radishes, but your paintings of them look good enough to eat! Love the colors and the looseness of your strokes. Really beautiful!

  2. Love your radish paintings- the gorgeous complimentary colors with the soft wonderful brushwork make for amazing paintings. Your radishes are fresh and very free feeling. I am learning that it is all about how the backgrounds support and play a part too. One of my favorite things of yours is the sophisticated color and brushwork in your backgrounds. It is evident here! I adore that soft blue against them too!

  3. Just wonderful examples Nancy of how to paint these little veggies! And how to eat them too! I haven't eaten or painted any but it looks like I need to give them a try! I agree with Kathy about the backgrounds too. I love the colors that are there but not screaming at you when you look at the paintings.

  4. You all are so positive -- love your insightful comments.. yay

  5. Haven't seen red radishes yet that's why I'm amazed. You've got beautiful paintings, its nice dropping by.
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