Thursday, January 30, 2014

Intuition - Painting with Joy

Afternoon Impressions, 12 x 16

“When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.” 
― Rumi

I have been liking two recent Oil Painters of America blogs on "Dancing with the Angels," or being in the zone (  Feeling distinctly out of that intuitive place lately, I have been giving thought to finding the way - if not to the "zone," at least to ease and joy :-)


Back to the Drawing Board (literally) --  I've been doing gesture drawings or studies, of everything -- photos of kids, Michael's hand, drooping roses, the bushes in my snowy Atlanta yard.

Making Lists of All Things Positive -- I've been lying in bed each morning appreciating everything.

Getting Up Earlier and Doing New Workouts -- which makes me feel strong and on top of it.

Remembering This:  the most important goal is to be joyful in LIFE, then all else will flow.

Little Bits 

Sketch, 12 x 9

Pink Purse, demo, 12 x 9

Blue Bowl, 8 x 6

 Lenten Roses,  demo, 12 x 12

 Sarah, demo, 12 x 9

 Sarah and Eli, gesture sketch, 12 x 9

Living mindfully, I shall reach for joy by meditating, drawing, playing, interacting, walking, thinking, looking at fine work, trying new things, and just by letting myself stumble so I can get up and fly higher.
And most importantly, I shall keep looking out the windshield, not the rear-view mirror!


  1. Very valuable and inspiring. Stay warm.

  2. NICE quote and I REALLY LIKE the 1st floral..BEAUTIFUL!!!

  3. What a beautiful collection of artwork. Everyone so fresh.

  4. Always so fun to see new work from you. One of my favorite painters and people!

  5. What a lovely and inspiring post!

  6. I love that song, "You Raise Me Up," and you all raise ME up...many thanks for these positive vibes, my friends.

  7. Thank you, Nancy. With this relentless cold weather, you are raising your artist friends up with such positive thoughts. The paintings are beautiful and inspiring!

  8. Just got your figurative painting entitle "Intuition..." from Pinterest and saved it to my Impressionistic painting gallery online... Such piece is really stunning.. love it so much!!

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