Thursday, May 19, 2011

Back to Basics

Bird's the Word, 6 x 6

I have been wanting to step it up in my painting, so DUH!  I actually AM doing daily small paintings, i.e. "warm ups" each and every day.  Recently, I was reading the blog of a fellow painter and friend, Kathy Cousart, who described a terrific workshop recently held here in Atlanta with an artist I admire, Carol Marine.  Carol did one demo wherein she was counting the brushstrokes, trying to capture the subject in as few as possible (I think she did it in 47).  The little study above is a result of my challenge to me to do just that: this one was about 60 strokes; it was fun and energizing - YAY!

Early tomorrow I'm joining a plein air group up in north Georgia to paint on a farm, continuing on the quest to get out of the studio and keep it fresh and loose!  

Also, as of today, we scheduled another one-day workshop at Huff Harrington Fine Art. It will be on Sunday, November 6, 2011, at the gallery in Buckhead.  Huff Harrington is quite a lovely place to paint, and one can sign up at, or call (404) 257-0511.  


  1. Nancy- Oh, Just love "Bird's the Word" and also like that count the strokes challenge. Your colors are so clean and the brushstrokes really fresh. I always think of you with rounding the form- gorgeous shapes here! Your pears are the best. Have fun in North Georgia:)

  2. Oh so loose and fresh, Nancy! I have not done the count your brush strokes exercise yet. I know Peggy Kroll-Roberts does one of these exercises in her DVD. She did a figurative in 28 strokes. Couldn't believe it even as I watched it!
    Enjoy your painting in North Georgia! We love Highlands, which is not far from there. Hope to get up there soon. ;)

  3. Oh my goodness! I can't believe that's only 60 strokes!

  4. That is a great exercise to do. I love the little bird in this set up too! I have two little carved stone birds that I have often looked at to use in painting but haven't yet. You are making me want to go grab them and get to painting! Great job and have fun with your plein air painting!

  5. What fun and the painting is lovely.

  6. Lovely painting. Nice loose brushstrokes and lovely colors.