Sunday, May 22, 2011

Saturday Farmer's Market

Lemon Icee, 12 x 9

Beet It, 9 x 12

Yesterday morning, I went to the Saturday Market in Sandy Springs, and was thoroughly enjoying the sun and the music, all the vendors, umbrellas and people who were there. I took many photos, and then came home to quickly do a life study of some young beets (before we cooked them), and a study from one of my photos of a little girl. Of course, I painted into the little girl today (not a good plan) and lost a bit of the freshness I had captured yesterday, in my attempt to "improve things!"  It's a good idea to hide one's paintings for a while after completion, making it easier to avoid the "refine, refine, refine" temptation!  Oh well, tomorrow is a new day...


  1. The beets are fresh and beautifully rendered. I like all the vertical brushstrokes in the background. And your colors are always so beautiful.

  2. So soft loose and fresh! Love these, Nancy!

  3. Nancy, These are both beautiful. Love Lemon Icee-the skirt folds are amazing and wonderful shadow. As always, gorgeous background color! Gotta love Beet it:) Your brushwork is amazing. You make an everyday beet look elegant and love the rich colors. Wonderful reflections and gorgeous leaves too! Beautiful, sigh:)

  4. Both paintings are so nice. I LOVE the Lemon Icee beets. Beautiful!