Friday, May 6, 2011

Gotta Change It Up!

Huffington Roses, 40 x 30

Well, I keep meaning to get out of the studio and paint something different...and then I continue to paint the flowers I have around the house in a jar or vase.  Time for a change! Luckily, I am going up to visit and paint with my friend Cindy in the North Carolina mountains next week; I plan on setting up outside and inside too with subjects designed by Cindy -- she has wonderful taste.

On the workshop front, I have scheduled one in Chattanooga (contact Lisa at next March, and am in the process of booking one in the Texas Hill Country (contact next April, 2012.  I will also be scheduling a fall "tune-up" at Huff Harrington Fine Art here in Atlanta in early November, 2011.  So things are busy and ever-changing... I'm inspired to mix it up in all areas -- hope to stay fresh and keep having fun!


  1. Beautiful! Again. I'm excited that you're coming to Texas. I plan to attend your workshop if I possibly can.

  2. Just beautiful Nancy! Looking forward to painting with you again in Chattanooga next year! I made sure to email Lisa right away!

  3. Nancy,
    This is beautiful and I don't think anyone could get tired of looking at your gorgeous flower paintings. This is one of my favorites- love those lovely soft whites roses and the dynamic leaves!! I also emailed Lisa for the Chattanooga one. I would love to do the fall tune up also. Count me in:) You are a fabulous teacher. Take care!

  4. Je vous félicite pour cette belle et fraîche peinture... Je vous fais de gros bisous.