Sunday, June 19, 2011

French Radishes

Radish It, 10 x 10

I took this small study to the gallery (Huff Harrington Fine Art here in Atlanta) about 3 weeks ago, along with several others.  I have been selling some small studies lately -- often these loose little "warm-up" paintings have a bit of sketchy magic.

This particular one of radishes was whisked off to Paris (oui, unbeknownst to me) by Sam Jones, a gallerina who is also a wonderful interior designer.  She was joining Ann Huff to add some finishing touches to the newly-refurbished Paris apartment (see for the captivating saga of this place).  Below is a photo of the new jewel-box kitchen, with my tres petite study visible over there on the stove hood.  Tres jolie, non?

And a bit of news - my friend, Ellen White, a skilled and dedicated oil painting instructor right here in Atlanta - is forming new weekly classes for beginning to advanced levels, starting on August 2nd.  See her website ( for details.  

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  1. I knew these tres petite radishes were yours just from the thumbnail. They have that simple elegant charm and they look beautiful in the Paris apartment:) Wonderful reds against the gorgeous background colors. Love the brushwork.