Monday, June 6, 2011

Necessary Roughness

Ponytail and Sand Pail, 20 x 16

Well, there is a tv show being filmed in Atlanta, called "Necessary Roughness"-- and the set designers have gathered paintings from around town, including several of mine. First they did the pilot, and a few of my small pieces were rented from Huff Harrington Fine Art...then the show was picked up by the USA network, and they recently "leased" 2 more for the set.  I don't know what the show is about, but I plan to watch it on June 29th -- mostly to check out the walls!

Speaking of "Necessary Roughness," I have been thinking that I NEED some roughness in my sometimes over-cooked paintings.  In fact, the painting above, "Ponytail," was painted entirely with the splayed brush pictured below as an exercise to stay loose, which was my only option!

Below are a few of the paintings that might make it on TV : )


  1. Nancy,
    I am not sure it even makes sense for a rookie artist like me to be so proud for you but I am! Seeing your gorgeous work at the St. Regis and now on a TV show is beyond fabulous! I always say that good things happen to good people! I love the paintings that they have chosen to lease:) Also am working on getting loose and love "little ponytail". Amazing that she came from that splayed brush. Looking forward to learning more on Saturday- so happy for you! Take care and celebrate:)

  2. L'ensemble des oeuvres que vous avez publiées sont superbes... Je vous souhaite beaucoup de succès.
    Lorsque j'observe votre pinceau... wow les miens sont loin d'être comme le votre! (je travaille avec de toutes petites martrettes!)
    Gros bisous

  3. Congratulations Nancy! Well-deserved honor. Have seen the trailers for the series. Will see if I can spot your art.

  4. Your looseness and softness is breathtaking. Hope I can take one of your workshops soon.

  5. How wonderful for you! Congratulations!

    I can't believe you can paint such a fabulous painting with that big brush! I think I need to buy a bigger one!

  6. So cool! I will have to remember to watch too so I might see the paintings. And I have lots of those brushes that look like that so I might need to give them a try sometime. Just beautiful!