Thursday, June 2, 2011

Loganberry Farm

North Georgia Morning, 12 x 12

 ... and on my Easyl

I painted with some plein air artists at a great place two weeks ago... Loganberry Farm near Cleveland, Georgia;  poppies were blooming, along with many beautiful flowers.  It was just a great day, though the  summer in the South is almost upon us, and it's already really HOT.  I had so much fun chatting with the other painters that one study by me was the result of my day; the others created at least two!

The painting above is a take on the abandoned farm house, by Debra Nadelhoffer - and she did it on a canvas that was 20 x 24, no less!  I saw the finished piece at Burton Gallery last weekend, and it's really nice.

Below is a close-up of some poppies, done in watercolor by GeorgeAnn Moore:

Next is a shot of Cathy Ritch in action - she organized the day.  I used (for the first time) one of those in-ground umbrellas like Cathy's below -- my husband gave it to me for Christmas.  I love it, since it can cover me AND the entire paintbox and palette!

GeorgeAnn below -  creating her second painting (she has one of those nifty umbrellas too):

 And, finally, Dru Stowers, nicely ensconced in the shade - the picture of a plein-air painter!


  1. Amazing painting. You choose a wonderful interesting composition just ready to be captured with those famous Nancy brushstrokes. Love how you handled the white bush in front. Gorgeous colors. Looks like a fun and wonderful group! Everyone's paintings are fabulous. Hope to get to go next time out- thanks for thinking of me:)

  2. This is a beautiful painting--just love the softness of it.

  3. Just wonderful. I love everything you do.