Sunday, October 23, 2011

Green and Blue

Green and Blue Bottles, 6 x 6

SO glad to be back in Atlanta, after our trip to Provence and then out to Alaska to see the kids...we had a truly wonderful time, both places, but I really like being back to the rhythm and comforts of home.  And, oh yes, back to my easel too!  I have been doing lots of 6 x 6 life studies, always trying to loosen up and practice seeing nuance and little bits of truth.  I can see that I was somewhat bolder with the 2nd bottle painting below, which was done 2 days after the one above...

Bottled Up, 6 x 6 


  1. Welcome back Petite Traveler:) I love when you post small studies and we can see what you are working on! Love the green and blue bottles. Top one has some wonderful warms and the shadow along the left side is superb. Love the stopper! Bottom one has some gorgeous brushwork also- the colors in this are gorgeous. Sweet!

  2. Kathy,

    You are the Best! Looking forward to seeing you in November ; )


  3. It is so lovely to see your new works and to read of your lovely trip. It must have been glorious.

  4. Gorgeous bottles! I love the green one with the stopper. Like Kathy, I think that shadow on the left is great. The colors in both paintings are wonderful.