Monday, October 10, 2011

Table at Les Murets

Quick sketch of the table, large shapes

The real deal

Well, long time, no blog...I wanted to post from Provence, but wifi a bit sketchy and time was fleeting.  Meanwhile, the trip was just great!  We were there for  2 weeks, with 2 different groups, lots of gorgeous weather, amazing evenings (wonderful wines too!) overlooking the Luberon, painting mornings and afternoons in different settings.  Of course, we also found time to browse local markets,  enjoy gourmet lunches at quaint restaurants, and laugh together each evening at La Table!

The group painted in different settings, but the focus everywhere was on seeing the large shapes, seeing values, keeping it simple, simple, simple!  I nagged everyone to use bigger brushes (as usual)!  We contended with a mistral, for real, the first week on the very first day, forcing most into a cafe for a sip of wine (save one hardy soul -- not me -- who braved the winds).  Photos follow of the wonderful people, the paintings done and partially done, and a glimpse into the magic of Les Murets, the lovely home that was our base.

The smiling and gracious Ann Huff, creator of this magical place, dans la cuisine

Angels Mary, Kelly, Nancy, Georgia, and Rhonda take on Cassis - watch out!

Crystal Cox, beside Lac du St. Remy


Juanita Kauffman, smiling at the beauty found in Isle Sur La Sorgue

Three Huffingtons (Dawne Raulet, Ann Huff, and me)

Mary Muir, braving the winds

Nancy Armstrong and Georgia McAuley gathering onlookers in Cassis

 Sunlit Salon chez Les Murets, our home in Provence

Dawne Raulet and John Jenkins, first day

Kathy Broyles, early morning light

Kathy's study

Juanita's oeuvre

Sketches, petits et grands

More impressions

Nice painting by Janah Doles (view from the terrace)

Last Morning

Au Revoir!


  1. Nancy thank you for sharing Provence with us. I just love it there, and look forward to going back someday.

  2. Wow! Looks like a fabulous fun trip and a great painting one as well! Thanks for sharing the great photos and paintings. Some wonderfully talented people along with you!

  3. Beautiful post and lucky artists to have all that time to soak up France and all things inspiring artistically with you as the petite leader:) Love your quick sketches that are just good in every way. Gorgeous colors and full of good dynamic design- true Nancy- loved seeing all about the trip and hope to be there next time!

  4. What a beautiful setting to enjoy and to paint. The trip sounds fabulous! Fun too, seeing the paintings. I'd love to go someday.