Sunday, October 30, 2011


Flower Dance, 6 x 6

Lately, I've been doing lots of 6 x 6's -- a good thing, since I have been noodling ideas for larger formats, but not settling on any yet (i.e wiping out).  For me, it's a challenge to develop new approaches while keeping up with commitments.  Figuring out the balance is my current (and ongoing) quest.  YIKES!  So the 6 x 6 studies are comforting, relatively risk-free, and keep the painterly paint paint paint going.  I am seriously aiming to release the HAVE TO vibe, and find the WANT TO, inspired feeling that we all seek (and yet get the paintings out there too : ) 

One space just opened for the workshop this coming Sunday, November 6th, at Huff Harrington Fine Art in 404-257-0511 on Monday if you want to join us from 9 - 4:00 - one day only - with the focus on feeling the subject and eliminating detail!


  1. Flower Dance is beautiful! Love how you cropped the flowers and filled that 6 x 6 with gorgeous color and brushwork. The way that you can paint so stunningly beautiful is such a gift and I hope that the inspiration just flows for you in buckets loaded with want tos:)
    Look forward to Sunday!

  2. Definitely red...and beautiful!