Wednesday, November 9, 2011

OK, Here They Are

Well, I am posting some very cool paintings done at last Sunday's "Fall Tune Up" workshop at Huff Harrington.  Wish I had taken some shots of the set-ups, and the people, but at workshops I start running around and forget to take photos.  Luckily, my painting friends sent me some!

Photo of my hand (!) during a speedy demo on warm-up paintings.  
Meanwhile, look at the good radish paintings created by participants that day:

Elizabeth Lines, strong design, soft touch

Ilene Baker, bold and free

Jean Dortch - loose and colorful

Daly Smith - shimmery and warm

Margaret Hutchinson - dynamic and expressive

And look at the paintings of my old French confit pot:

Kathy Cousart, simple and strong

Jean Dortch, done with a paper towel, no less!

Now, on to irises, which I warned people not to do -- too complicated, etc. --  and they made a liar of me:

Daly Smith, soft and sophisticated

Regina Holderness,  dynamic design and complimentary color

That's me again - another swift demo before I set them loose! Whew, these dynamos put me to shame...


  1. What a fun day we all had- enjoyed reading your write up! Great to see some of the paintings that were done that day. I loved the format of the workshop with all the fun quick studies and then a bigger painting at the end of the day. I always learn so much from you! Great job Nancy!

  2. Wonderful paintings they produced. I'm envious! I'd love to be able to take a workshop from you one day.