Monday, November 28, 2011


   Subtle Surprise, 10 x 10 (2011)

Or, maybe this post should be called "Re-Gifting!"  I have painted light flowing across beribboned boxes for several years now (especially at Christmas); trying different approaches keeps me interested -- and/or frustrated!  

This was the set-up

One of the first takes I did on a box tied with satin ribbon was three years ago, below:

Don't Tell, 10 x 10  (2008)

This one is more Christmas-y, with high value contrast.  I like the freshness here, and feel that I did a better job on the satin ribbon...maybe the first time's the charm!  


  1. Oh My! If that was under my tree there would be no subtlety on my part! Love the elegance and just could be fabulous for any occasion! Your ribbon just shines and is beyond gorgeous in all that yummy light and shadow. And that is just the ribbon! The shadow on the box is wonderful, the reflections are pure Nancy and the background is the BEST! Love it. Re-Visit is fresh and fantastic:)

  2. I love them both! The value change and warm and cool interactions on the new one are breathtaking and inspiring!

  3. I love painting boxes- kinda reminds me of houses and barns and other buildings. I need to try one out though with a ribbon. Will be such a challenge for me but it looks effortless for you! Love them both!

  4. Denise... you are on it .. no worries, don't over think it (like I did : )

  5. Exquisite interpretation......all "whites". This is a stunner!